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Hi, this is my Web page about Rebol. Rebol is a programming language (Rebol site).Rebol is small (about 500 Ko), smart, and yet powerful. The visitor will find here some helpful (I hope) documentation about Rebol.

These stuff are aimed for Rebol newbies (like me).

This little document is a "Hello world" style way to discover Rugby. Its main goal is to allow any reboller to experiment with Rugby very quickly. It is based on my own experimentation. Rugby allows you to use rebol functions that are stored on another machine as if they where on your own computer. Turned the other way, Rugby makes available functions from one computer: the Server to others: the Clients.

This is a collection of "good-to-know" information about Rebol. Some are mine, most are from the Rebol-List, books or articles about Rebol.

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